Regional Alumni Workshop 2018

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Regional Alumni Workshop 2018: Australia Awards Alumni as Champions for the Environment and Climate Action

Applications are now open for the Australia Awards South and West Asia 2018 Regional Alumni Workshop. This year’s Workshop topic is “Australia Awards Alumni as Champions for the Environment and Climate Action.”

Key Details

Timeline Phase 1 – Project Implementation 15 May – 7 November 2018
Phase 2 – Regional Alumni Workshop 26 – 30 November 2018 (tentative)
Venue The Regional Alumni Workshop will be held in Thimphu, Bhutan


Australia Awards South and West Asia conducts one Regional Alumni Workshop (RAW) each year. Workshop themes reflect cross-cutting priorities of the Australian Government, with Workshops having focused to date on:

2015 (Colombo): Women in Leadership
2016 (Kathmandu): Inclusive Education
2017 (Dhaka): Alumni Innovation Challenge

These Workshops are an opportunity for alumni to present their work, share their experiences with peers formally and informally, and build and strengthen relevant professional networks across the region. This extends the alumni experience beyond their national boundaries and offers an enhanced professional development aspect to alumni engagement.


The objectives of the Workshop are to:

  • support alumni-led innovative projects on environmental protection and climate action;
  • provide alumni with professional development opportunities in the areas of innovation, environmental protection, climate action, and storytelling;
  • provide a venue for alumni to exhibit their innovations and expertise to fellow alumni and to the public; and
  • facilitate the formation of both formal and personal/informal communities and networks among alumni on environmental protection and climate action.

Workshop Structure

The Workshop will have two phases.

Phase 1 will involve providing small grants to alumni groups to implement projects on environmental protection and climate action. Alumni projects will be implemented from May to early November 2018.

Phase 2 will involve alumni groups presenting the outcomes of their projects and attending a professional development activity (masterclasses, innovation tours, mentoring). The tentative schedule for this event is 25 to 30 November 2018.

Who can apply?

The following are eligible to apply:

  • Groups of three to four Australia Awards alumni, from either:
    • the DFAT-funded Australia Awards Scholarships, Australia Awards Fellowships, or Short Course Awards;
    • the former AusAID-funded Australian Development Scholarships, and/or Australian Leadership Awards programs, (or earlier programs like the Colombo Plan, John Crawford Scholarship Scheme, or Australian International Development Assistance Bureau (AIDAB) Scholarships);
    • the Endeavour Scholarships and Fellowships Program; or
    • the Australian Centre for International Agriculture Research Scholarships Program.
  • All Group members must be residing in, and intend to use the grant to pilot an innovative activity in an Australian Government priority sector in one of the seven participating program countries
  • All Group members must agree to participate in a Fraud Management and Child Protection briefing prior to receiving the grant, and use and acquit the grant according to DFAT and Program guidelines provided during the briefing; and
  • Group members must be available to travel and attend the Regional Alumni Workshop on 25 to 30 November and have a reasonable expectation that they will be released by their employer to attend the Workshop.
  • Alumni from Afghanistan can apply as individuals or as groups.

Application Process

The application form can be downloaded here. Applicants must complete the Application Form, Activity Work Plan Template (Annex 1); Budget Template (Annex 2); and Application Checklist (Annex 3) and submit them, along with relevant supporting documentation to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by 12 midnight (Colombo time), 29 April 2018.

Applications received after the deadline will not be accepted. Applications should be typewritten on A4-sized paper and be no more than eight pages long (excluding annexes). When presenting the budget, please provide a breakdown of budget items where applicable.

Approval Process and Selection Criteria

The Australia Awards South and West Asia Regional Hub will oversee the shortlisting of eligible proposals and the Australian High Commission or Embassy in each program country will select the successful proposals. Decisions on applications will be announced by mid-May.

Proposals will be assessed against the following criteria:

  • The proposal is realistic and supported by a well-defined work plan and timeline for execution.
  • The proposed activity is in a thematic area identified for the workshop.
  • The proposal clearly demonstrates how the activity could add value to existing systems or processes that deliver developmental benefits.
  • The proposed activity is clearly linked to the knowledge and skills the proponent alumni gained through the Australia Award completed.

Eligible Activities

  • Projects that can be completed by 7 November 2018.
  • Projects that require a maximum grant of AUD3,500 from Australia Awards South and West Asia. If co-funding is confirmed/available, total project cost can be higher.

Proposals should be on the following topics:

  • Water, food, or energy security
  • Public health (in the context of humanitarian response and climate change adaptation)
  • Green technology/low-carbon practices
  • Disaster preparedness and humanitarian response
  • Environmental protection and preservation

Grants can be used for the following:

  • Piloting new and innovative technologies, designs, or approaches on the above topics;
  • Organising in-country professional workshops or short training courses, focusing on innovative activities to share knowledge/skills gained in Australia;
  • Advocacy activities aimed at improving community awareness;
  • Piloting new technologies, designs or approaches that have the potential to empower women and girls, people from traditionally marginalised groups, and/or people with a disability;
  • Supporting in-country small-scale development activity, which contributes towards the development of one or more of the topics identified above;
  • Activities that will further foster people-to-people links between Australia and countries in the South and West Asia region.

Grants will not support:

  • Pre-investment/feasibility studies or pilot demonstration projects related to potential commercial activities;
  • Purchase of non-expendable supplies or equipment, unless essential to the conduct of the project or program, and listed in the approved grant proposal;
  • The implementation of Development Impact Plans, Return to Work Plans, Reintegration Plans, or Re-entry Action Plans;
  • Travel to other countries;
  • Bank bonds or collateral for taking loans;
  • Activities that have already received full funding from other sources;
  • Fees/salaries/per diems to alumni who are involved in the execution of the approved proposal for any work/tasks carried out;
  • Academic or short course training for individual alumni (i.e. the grants will not be awarded for personal capacity building of the applicant);
  • The publication or public presentation of personal research articles or papers;
  • Activities that require the granting of intellectual property rights; or
  • The purchase of services and/or supplies not listed in the approved grant proposal.

Grant Agreements

Groups with successful applications will sign a grant agreement with the Australia Awards South and West Asia Program, which will define the specific terms and conditions for executing the activities.


Deadline for submission of applications is 12 midnight (Colombo time), 29 April 2018.