About the Association (AAAB)

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About the Association (AAAB)

Australia Alumni Association Bangladesh (AAAB)


  • To build a self-motivated, self-directed and self-sustaining alumni association in Bangladesh – including both ‘Development’ and ‘Endeavour’ alumni


Status of the Association

  • Official launch of the association was held at the Westin, Dhaka on 15 November 2012
  • Initial alumni association meeting was held on 14 December 2012 at which an Alumni Ad hoc Committee was formed (comprising 17 members - 9 men and 8 women - 6 from the government sector, 7 from the private sector and 4 from ethnic minority groups)
  • The Alumni Coordinating Group has met regularly since December 2012
  • Their focus to date has been on:
    • the steps necessary to formalize the association
    • the election by the alumni body of official office holders
  • A draft constitution is well advanced as is the process calling for nominations from the alumni body to be official office holder and a draft notice of meeting for the inaugural general meeting of the association


Key activities to date

  • Ad hoc Committee has actively participated in the arrangements for the Welcome Home Event welcoming the Australia Awards alumni who returned to Bangladesh between  January 2012 to September 2013 and is to be the Co-host of the Event
  • 10 alumni from Intakes 2011 and 2012 have contributed to the outcome monitoring of the program by participating in the first round of Development Impact Plan interviews
  • Participation in arrangements for the Pre-departure Briefing session for Intake 2014 awardees scheduled for 30 November 2013


Next steps

  • Finalise the draft constitution to be put to the alumni body for adoption
  • Call for nominations of official officeholders
  • Hold the inaugural general meeting of the association to:
    • to formally establish the association
    • approve the constitution
    • elect office holders to constitute the Executive Committee
  • The Executive Committee will then assume responsibility for advancing the objectives of the association and its members (with the strategic, financial and administrative support of the Australia Awards Office Bangladesh) including arranging networking and professional development activities that keep alumni involved and motivated, enabling the group to grow and also meet the objectives of the AAAN Strategy
  • The Executive Committee will also consider potential longer term initiatives such as: communities of practice; small grants for association (or individual alumni) initiatives; regional workshops with other associations; recognition events for significant alumni achievements; publishing alumni research; alumni jobs network; alumni association as a research organization and accessing research journals for alumni
  • The Executive Committee will also be the focal point for supporting Award recipients at Pre-Departure Briefings and farewell ceremonies, welcoming new alumni on return to Bangladesh and mentoring of recipients
  • Finalise an association page on the Australia Awards website to facilitate communication with members and potential members
  • Increase the membership of the association – currently there are 860 alumni (302 F/558 M) on the Global Alumni Database but only 362 (170 F/192M) have an active email address)